Spy app or parental control app is popular among parents as it can filter the web and block unintended access to inappropriate websites. Of course, there are several ways to do this, but it can be more convenient if using the spy app. For a spy app or call recording apps, web filtering function is usually used by parents to limit the internet to young children and prevents them from accidentally wandering to these sites which have inappropriate content. Following are the advantages of using a spy app.

Protecting your child from online predator

As we know, online predator is one of the big threats. They are strangers who try to enter into online relationships with their children with the intention of committing sexual abuse of children. They take the time to present their children in an attractive way and to develop their self-confidence to promote seduction. Chat rooms, internet messages, social networks and video games are important online spaces where establishing contact can easily be made.

 Monitor the activities of child’s phone like sexting

Teenagers in particular will be impulsive in this youth area. They do not have enough experience or life perspectives to fully understand how negatively influenced by this type of behavior. Some teenagers are sending private messages to someone who will never share. Their naivety compromises their online reputation. As a result, these teenagers run an increased risk of online predators and bullying. It can also be subject to legal action and can be prosecuted in court.

Spy app can help limit the amount of time

Spy app can also limit the amount of time your child spends on their smart phones. This is done by setting a schedule with which the child has internet access. After this time your internet connection will be automatically disconnected, so that your child will no longer have access to the internet. This can lead your child to bed and do not worry about any more.

This TTSPY spy app can be configured and installed on your child’s devices, but it is recommended to check whether the system of the target phone is compatible with the app. You can download the app at its official website or app store. After installing the TTSPY spy app at the target phone, you can login the dashboard on your phone. You can know all the activities happened at the target phones.