Registered and companies with a good name in the market hire only the best players in the gaming industry, so they climb the TFT ranked ladder incredibly fast. These players have either worked in the same industry before or have achieved a mark in the lol elo boost. The professional booster has also participated in a lot of online gaming events around the world and has won a lot of prizes and honors. With so much experience about the game, most reputed booster companies hire them and pay them a good amount as per the industry standards.

Ranks do matter in the selection

A professional elo boosting player has also selected basis of their rank in a specific game and the time taken to get to the rank. For example, a diamond tier player in a league of legends can qualify as a professional booster and can charge up to 200-300 US dollar to boost the rank of a player till diamond level.

How much do they earn?

A diamond account, or boosting someone to diamond level, would cost between $100 and $200. Assuming you have unlimited accounts to boost, and getting to diamond takes you a few days, one could earn about $50 per day, by boosting. In terms of compensation, it depends on the orders that come in. Diamond orders, for example, would require more attention, and sometimes prior arrangements to meet the client’s needs. Bronze, not so much. This is reflected in the pricing. It is common for a professional booster to get anywhere between 50-70% of the order price they are completing in the boosting market. This seems to be a common measure to avoid accounting for small technicalities between the start and finish for the brand and the contractor/employee.