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The year 2020 is almost here. To begin the new year correctly, you should consider buying new equipment that will help you become more productive. Most of all, you should purchase new equipment that represents the new year. The year 2020 will have the most advanced technology available for everyone. If you bought a laptop a few years ago, you might have noticed that this laptop is out of date and slowing down. Upgrading your equipment for the new year is a must to remain competitive in an ever-changing technology environment.

For 2020 you should upgrade your equipment to a gaming laptop that has state-of-the-art technology. The best laptop out there is as good as a desktop computer and can be taken anywhere you like. This laptop will help you become more productive because you can take your work on the road while others are sitting in traffic. Buying the best is necessary to stay competitive. Gamers know that to remain competitive, you must purchase a gaming laptop. But are gaming laptops only for players?

This is not true. Gaming laptops, like the Razer Blade gaming laptop, are equipped to handle multiple processes and functions for all users. They call these laptops gaming laptops because they were originally designed for gamers who want fast speed, versatility, quality parts that last, and are mobile. However, this laptop can be used in your workplace and anywhere.

The Razer Blade laptop is built to last and has many features. Let’s explore the features of this laptop to show you why it is the best laptop for the new year.


In 2020, more than 70% of office workers will access company information from a mobile device. Professionals are working outside of the office. Soon, a majority of the workforce will work from home. This will make sitting in traffic and even driving to work a thing of the past. Mobility will be the concept of everyone’s mind when it comes to purchasing technology. The latest and most productive technology will be desired.

Gaming laptops will be popular soon because they are better than a standard desktop, and you can bring your work on the road. Some might argue that gaming laptops are too expensive than a standard laptop. But as you read this article, you will find out that the cost of a gaming laptop is not that bad because the computer has quality parts that last. Better yet, having a laptop that can handle multiple processes and functions can help you save money. For example, instead of waiting in traffic, you can pull off to the side of the road to a coffee shop to keep working. This saves you time and money!

Investing in a gaming laptop could help you increase your income substantially. Freelance work has multiplied over the past few years as employers are looking for people who can complete small jobs quickly. Popular freelance work requires gaming laptops to complete the job. Freelance work includes web design, software development, video production, advanced photography, and animation.

These freelance work subjects are not extremely hard to learn. Learning how to succeed in these freelance work subjects can take anywhere from 3 to 6 months’ worth of training. However, the most significant barrier to entry is the technology. To succeed at freelance work, you must have a gaming laptop or gaming laptop equivalent to the Razer Blade gaming laptop.

The Razer Blade gaming laptop is built with mobility in mind. The computer has the latest in graphics cards and processors but is only .7 inches thick. The laptop has an aluminum design chassis with a cooling technology to prevent overheating from intensive use. This laptop is unlike standard laptops that are known to freeze up when having multiple requests.

Laptops that Last

The Razer Blade gaming laptop is built to last. The gaming laptop has a six-core Intel processor and the latest NVIDIA Geoforce RTX graphics card. This laptop has a lot of RAM memory and a lot of storage capacity. There are no other laptops on the market that is like it. This laptop is built to last longer than standard laptops.

Standard laptops will slow down and have outdated hardware and software within 2 to 3 years. The conventional laptop processors will eventually get worn down and even burned out due to requests that the computer cannot handle. The standard laptop will subsequently take anywhere from 1/2 a minute to a minute to boot. This is not the case with a gaming laptop. The Razer Blade gaming laptop is built to prevent burnout and stalling of components. The cooling technology that is inside the Razer Blade gaming laptop is designed in a way to prevent overheat damage.

The Razer Blade gaming laptop comes with a standard one-year warranty. The Razer Blade manufacturer stands by their products, and they have extended warranties available. Razer Blade built their computer to last a long time and to provide the purchaser with a valuable machine that beats any standard or typical laptop.


Way before 2020, professionals never had to be involved with social media or multimedia. Today, professionals must be aware that to be successful in the marketplace, they must be involved in video and photo production. This means that professionals must have sophisticated programs installed like Adobe Premiere Pro. This program is very large and requires a lot of RAM. This is because video and photo production could require multiple rendering requests.

When on the go, professionals do not want to deal with stalling and even rebooting activity that requires constant saving of files. Instead, they buy a gaming laptop to handle the multiple rendering requests that require a lot of RAM. Also, the 4K display helps showed how the work would look to other people.


In the year 2020 and beyond, technology will become the driving force of productivity and professionalism in the workplace. Multimedia and social media projects will become necessary as companies will try to find cheap ways to decrease their advertising budget. Professionals will need high-performing laptop computers like the gaming laptop to access files and complete them outside of the office.

You should update for 2020 and upgrade your laptop. Buying a state-of-the-art Razer Blade gaming laptop will not only save you time but save you money as well. These gaming laptops have quality parts and are known to last much longer than typical standard laptops.

Gain an edge not only in your video games but in the workplace too. Learn more about the Razer Blade gaming laptop today!