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You probably know that digital marketing is the only way to reach success if you own a business nowadays. Of course, you can use traditional channels as well, but they are more expensive and you will not get the same level of efficiency in the long run.

In the last year, Messenger Marketing changed the way marketers are using Facebook for advertisements. That increased the number of companies that implemented messenger bots and smartbots to improve customer satisfaction in general.

You should check out ManyChat Tutorial to learn more about it. Today, the possibilities for reaching more people through it are much bigger than before.

Since the number of competition and expanses will increase over time, especially since more and more companies will start using it.

Reasons to Use Messenger Marketing 

If you do not know anything about Messenger marketing, it is important to start from the very beginning so that you can reduce the possibility of making mistakes and paying for them along the way.

You probably know that more than 1.3 billion people use Facebook Messenger every month actively. We are not talking about total users, but only ones that are completely active, which means that they use it every single day.

That way, you will have a large audience that will help you improve your business. The next step is to understand and figure out the representation, and to find target customers that you can nourish afterward.

According to statistics, people sent more than two billion messages on a monthly basis, which includes the communication between businesses and people and not people-to-people messages.

The best way to learn everything about Messenger Marketing is by clicking here.

Therefore, that is a sign that people are using it more and more to communicate with the services and brands that they love.

Another important consideration is the idea that 53% of people who communicate with businesses state that they are more likely to shop when they find them through it.

This is a much more convenient way of sending messages than calling them on the phone or writing emails. Therefore, if you wish to increase the traction and engagement, you have to implement this particular instant messaging platform.

At the same time, you can find more than three hundred thousand active chatbots on Messenger, which means that number increased ten times from last year.

It means that it is one of the most popular ways of communicating online, and we can state numerous reasons why you should use it to boost your online presence as well as brand awareness.

1. ManyChat Growth Tool – Comment-to-Message

If you wish to use growth tools that will help you create a proper Messenger marketing strategy, you should use this particular one.

  • At first, you have to create a proper Facebook post and use the tool to integrate it.
  • Every single time someone leaves a comment on the post, they will receive a message from the Messenger bot. At the same time, as soon as they respond to it, they will become part of the subscriber list and automatically enroll in any activity that you wish.

This is a great solution for your business because it does not require too much from your part, and they just have to leave comments to start interacting with your brand. At the same time, sending a message to the user will increase engagement, especially since they just commented on the post.

Therefore, the chances that they will start interacting with a chatbot are much higher than in other situations. Finally, it is completely free, so you do not have to spend a cent on it.

You just have to create a Facebook post, we recommend you to use polarizing questions to improve engagement, and you will be able to use it for your advantage.

2. Many Chat Growth Tool – Ref URL

This is another tool that will help you increase the number of traffic and drive it from somewhere else onto Messenger. It works by choosing a specific message as well as a template that you wish the person to receive.

The next step is to create a widget with a custom URL, and you should send it to people and potential customers. As soon as someone clicks, it will open the Messenger and you will be able to send the opt-in message you created beforehand.

It is a powerful tool that will help you reach people outside the Messenger, which will improve your ability to engage with them.

3. ManyChat Growth Tool – Facebook JSON Ads

The best thing about this particular tool is that you can use it for the Facebook ad, which means that it is closely connected to Click to Message ad. This is a vital and powerful tool that you can combine with advertisements and you will be able to integrate them with the JSON growth tool.

When you decide to use it, everyone who decides to click on your add will bypass the default button which is usually during the interaction. Since you will integrate it with ManyChat, you will be able to set up the messages as well as sequences that they will receive after clicking.

Check out this site: to learn everything about Messenger bots in general.

If you wish to set it up, you should create a JSON growth tool, and you will get a snippet of code that you should paste into Facebook while creating the advertisement.

It is a great tool that will integrate with ads that you have, which means that you can implement perfect and accurate targets available on Facebook so that you can reach the right audience.

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