How to Improve Your Social Media Presence With NetBase?

Businesses try to increase their influence online and generate more leads with the use of social media. However, gone are the times of opening the gamut of social media accounts for a business and waiting for potential customers to flock to you. Companies need to constantly monitor their social media and squeeze every bit of insight and functionality from their accounts if they hope to compete in their niche. A social media audit is a perfect tool for helping you determine whether or not you are on the right track.

What is a Social Media Audit?

Conducting a social media audit is a process of evaluating and improving on your company’s social media accounts, strategies and tactics. Social media audits are useful for businesses in all areas, including e-commerce, service providers and content-driven authority websites. Having an audit performed by an experienced agency is simple and will not take a long time. The experts at NetBase can let you know how long an audit of your social media will take.

Why Does My Business Need to Audit its Social Media Use?

Each social media platform has different algorithms, rules and guidelines they operate on. You may have created profiles on all these platforms and you may be engaging with users, but finding out whether or not you are making full use of the tools available to you is very important. A social media audit will help you save time while taking advantages of your strengths to become more competitive in your space.

Sometimes, knowing if you are doing things right is equally as important as finding out what you are doing wrong. Having a detailed look at your social media strategy can help you pinpoint the actions that you are doing right so as to avoid spending time and resources trying to improve something that is already working optimally.

If you feel you could be bringing in more leads via social media, an audit will help you drive more sales by addressing the areas that are currently inefficient. From whether you even be on all social networks you currently are on, to whether a social media profile is complete or even if there are any fake and unauthorized profiles doing your business harm, an audit will determine what is best for you. After using data and analytics to perform an audit, moving to improve on all matters highlighted can often skyrocket your business’s effectiveness on social media.

How Do I Find a Reliable Social Media Audit Company?

Not all social media consultancies are created equal. A good audit agency has advanced tools to extract the most useful data from your social media presence. High-level social analytics companies power their audits with artificial intelligence to help their clients get the most from their social media accounts. You should also look at the audit company’s clientele. If they have reputable clients with demanding social media accounts and high-level strategies, you can rest assured that the audit agency can help you boost your business.

How Can NetBase Help You Excel at Social Media?

NetBase works with corporations like Coca Cola, Lloyds Bank, and Credit Suisse. You can also find case studies on the NetBase website for Arby’s and advertising giant Ogilvy. NetBase utilizes artificial intelligence to drive their clients’ lead generation through social media. If your business has a social media presence, NetBase has the knowledge and the experience to find all the pain points and solve them to help you achieve measurable business results.

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