The remote desktop application stands out, above all, for its performance and functionality and is a tool especially popular in the professional field, although it also involves some inconveniences. Some users have shown their dissatisfaction, especially concerning the security and quality of the images. However, in addition to TeamViewer, other free alternatives should not be overlooked.

With a remote desktop connection in Dell Compellent SCv3020 you can, unlike Windows remote assistance, allow another person to log in to the desired host system without the need for an active “connection”. The local system works in this case as a server that allows users to register as “local” users. To log in, they must be part of the list of users of the local system and have a password. This Variant is useful, especially in the case of the Home Office, that is when working at home and accessing the office computer.

  • First Step: the main requirement is that the remote connection is activated. To do this, you can use the path System settings> System and Security> System> Remote settings ( Control panel> System and security> System> Remote Access Settings ) and click over the button/link “Allow the remote connection.”
  • Second Step: Start the RDP (Remote Desktop Protocol) client, which is in the start menu under the “Accessories” tab or type “mstsc” directly into the search bar of the operating system. The “Remote Desktop Connection” dialogue box will appear.
  • Three Steps: both the username and the corresponding password must be registered in the list of users of the central server, and the remote desktop connection in Dell PowerVault MD1400 can only be created if the access data is available. Once the registration has been carried out, you can access the desktop view of the remote computer.