4 Smart Ways To Protect Your Social Media Accounts

Social media has given a big boon to everybody’s life. Just like everything else, social media has proved it to be an asset in the lives but still, it has lots of disadvantages also. Social media puts a lot of risks to the users and most of the time, users are unaware of it. Remember, 70% of social media profiles get the scam messages, 20% of social media profiles have been accessed without user permission, 10% of profiles have suffered Instagram hacking online in a year. Most of the social media websites are being used for identity theft. 

You will need to use alphanumeric characters and symbols combined with a mixture of upper and lowercase characters to ensure that your accounts are safe. You also need to comply with the required number of characters. While you are thinking of the best password to use you can utilize the help of a character counter to easily help you determine the exact number of characters which are in your password idea to easily count if you meet the platform’s required number of characters.

Today, users share their actual information on social media. Ranging from profile names to their employer’s information, users share each and everything on the internet. However, information published on social media can attract and results in Facebook hacking online, Instagram hacking online, twitter hacking, etc. 

Smart Ways To Protect Your Social Media Accounts: 

Thankfully, there are lots of things that you can opt to protect your social media account. It doesn’t mean that you cannot get the fun and entertainment from social media but you can use it, along with protecting it. 

  • Don’t Put Personal Information: 

If you want to start a social media profile, you do not need to start it with personal information. Rather than using the full name, you can use your nickname. When you can start your profile with basic information, what exactly is the need for detailed information? 

  • Don’t Ignore Privacy Settings:

Almost every social media allows you to have privacy settings for your profile like, who all can see your profile and what others can see in your profile. 

  • Ignore The Unknown: 

Although, social media is the way to connect with the people but try to ignore the unknown as much as you can. Never accept the friend requests from the unknown people because they can get access to every information on your profile. 

  • Don’t Tag Locations: 

Most of the people have the habit of putting the location where they are. Don’t make a mistake of tagging the location like where are you going, how many people are with you etc. Don’t tag yourself in a location, if you are away from your home or town. 

Today, hackers are everywhere, in every corner of the world. They just wait for your information access and they can do anything with your social media account and you can find yourself in danger.  

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