Marketing Event Trends You Need to Know in 2020

The need for experiential events has only grown over the last couple of years. Attendees are expecting more from events, and brands are benefiting more from providing unforgettable experience marketing for their events. Experience events provide unprecedented opportunities for brands to get to know their consumers on a more intimate level, engage with their top customers, and vice versa. 

1. Competition Events

Marketing a competition-based event for a brand is a great way to bring both guests and executives together for some healthy challenges. Competitions provide fun, invigorating, and bring an element to an event that creates fond memories for all involved. We’re predicting more brands to include challenging competitions in their events this year, to promote healthy engagement with their guests and build meaningful connections within the brand community. 

2. Event Installations

A big part of event marketing in 2020 will include experiences with interactive art installations. Whether analogue or digital, art installations create a memorable brand impression that evokes creativity and engages with guests. Immersing your guests in art is a strong event marketing strategy that provides an interactive experience that will keep your guests talking about it for days. Events company polite promotions assert that installations also provide a perfect visual to share and promote organically with social media. 

3. Overnight Experiences

Overnight or stay-able experiences may just be the coolest trend in experiential marketing. Overnight experiences provide guests and brands an opportunity to engage, connect, and be fully immersed in the brand. Guests will be overwhelmingly impressed by the VIP treatment, and the business is able to put their best foot forward in providing an unforgettable experience in line with their brand. 

Like it or not, experiential marketing is the future of event marketing. Consumers want interactive and exciting encounters, and with the right tools, an experience event can provide just that. Providing experience based events is the key to an effective marketing event in 2020. 

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