Word Count Tool and Its Help Towards Better Writing

There are many free word counting tools online to assist you with tallying the number of words in your text. This online instrument can as well count sentences, the number of paragraphs, and even the total number of characters. The best part of these platforms is that the quantity of words and letters you can check with this is limitless!

Regardless of whether it is for a corporate document, blog, ebook, or even a website, various writing types require a specific number of word count. Although some platforms only offer a limited amount of words, they can count or letters to be used like Facebook banner ads or Google AdWords.

Word count is an essential measurement for writing, particularly in legal proceedings, publishing, advertising, and academics. By utilizing this tool, you will have the option to decide what number of words there are in your text. You would then be able to verify if there are a sufficient number of words or exceeded your limit. 

Importance of Word Count

Word count is significant as it assists you in selecting your readers. For instance, you compose a novel, and it is long, around 100,000 words in length, at that point, there will usually be a few readers to whom it isn’t appropriate (on account of the word count). 

Readers include kids who are keen on the novel itself. However, they can’t read because of the high word count. If your book appears too wordy, you realize you’ll have an issue as you’ll automatically shut out several individuals.

What Is Word Count Tool

Word Count Tool is one of the tools that give broad statistics about the word character count, word count, and even the number of characters. This additionally tallies the number of polysyllabic, monosyllabic, paragraphs, sentences, and even long and short words. 

Word count tool is essential in writing as it perfectly serves as a character counter. Aside from that, it also has numerous features like maximizing your writing productivity, keyword density, and readability. Using this is convenient, especially for people who write websites, product reviews, blogs, and forums. Not to mention it has an auto-save feature where your text will be saved in the browser so you can finish your work at a later time.

This helpful word counter tool runs on all commonly used internet browsers like Safari, Chrome, Opera, Firefox, and Internet Explorer. This tool is appropriate to include words and characters on Facebook posts, essays, novels, essays, Twitter and Instagram posts, and even books. This tool lets you upload documents to count syllables and characters and count words in other file formats like Word, Excel, PDF, PowerPoint, and Text documents.

Character Count Limit

This tool assists you to smooth out your post content for your social media accounts. To guarantee your posts’ ideal engagement, we suggest that you keep within the character count of 100 characters for Twitter, 80 for Facebook,  and 150 for Instagram. These countdowns have been included so you can also plan your social media posts.


Last 2017, Twitter expanded its content limit to 280 characters from its first 140 characters. Nonetheless, the perfect Twitter post length ought to be between 71 – 100 characters. Given the massive number of tweets on your follower’s feed, grab their attention quickly with brief content! A noteworthy tip: Images don’t tally toward the 280 characters limit.


With the rising fame of Instagram, it is imperative to boost your interaction with your followers on this. The perfect character count on your Instagram post should be between 138 – 150 characters. Ensure to include a convincing caption inside as far as possible to complement your video or photo, and you’re all set!


The highest character count for a Facebook post is, in fact, 63,206 characters and not 80 characters. Also, research has revealed that to grab the attention of your Facebook followers; you should keep your posts quick and sweet, the perfect length being 40 up to 80 characters. 

We also need to take note that longer posts may be cut off, which is the exact opposite thing you wish to occur. Catch the eye of your followers with short yet solid content, and it is undoubtedly worth it!


Being aware of the word count of a book can be significant, as there are readers who’d prefer short novels instead of spending their time on the lengthy ones. It is anything but difficult to utilize and gives you results inside the squint of an eye. Since it is free, you can perform word tally checks with Word Count Tool as many times as possible.

However, we need to take note that the word count isn’t the main deciding factor why your work is reasonable for a few and not for other people. It is only one of many. The main element is generally the content of the work itself.

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