Our entire life has become dependent on online schedules. While our online activities have increased at such a rapid rate, the chances of cybercrime have increased too. How? There has been an immense increase in the number of black-hat hackers and white hat hackers. Most of us have been victims of online accounts being hacked. If you are unlucky enough, your bank account might as well have been hacked.

A hacker is experienced and careful enough not to leave behind any traces. They will keep a thorough check in the entire schedule and ensure that they hack the passwords but never get caught. Online hackers are careful enough to get the hack passwords within a few clicks. These online hackers have specified target accounts which attack.

There are several ways through which the hacker may gain access to your passwords. Some of them include


The keylogger has to be one of the easiest ways through which the hacker can gain access to your account. All the details are stored in your system memory and can function effectively with a startup. The keyloggers can keep a record of the keystrokes.

The hacker may gain access to the log which, when customized by them, is not recorded in the Windows Task Manager. To prevent hackers from getting your password, you must try using online keyboards for typing your password under different accounts, mostly for sensitive sites such as email, bank account, and more. Also, you must refrain from keeping the same password for every individual website.

Trojan Horses

If you have been browsing your system thoroughly, you must have come across Trojan once in a while. This malware can affect your system severely and is mostly available through the warez sites. If you have been downloading things from warez websites, Trojan will surely harm your system and keygens.

Once you start the keygens, you may get the desired result, but then the system will get infected with Trojan. Through this, the hackers may persuade through small pop-ups to download apps. If you download the file from untrusted sources, your system will be affected by Trojan.


Remote Administration Tool can allow a hacker to connect to the system. They also give access to the built-in keylogger. As a result, the hacker will eventually get to see everything you browse and even copy things from your hard disk to theirs. All this will happen without your knowledge, so there is no way through which you can know you’ve been hacked.