There are many ways to improve your Google ranking, but you have to know what to do and how to do it. If all these are applied, then your Google ranking (อันดับ google which is the term in thai) will definitely increase and that means that there will be inan flow of traffic from other places.

·         Choose The Right Keyword

The ideal size of your content is one that responds clearly and entirely to the user’s search intent.

So defining what topics are covered in content is so important. Write the best content on the topic. Reading the content you want to pass is critical to getting to the top.

·         Offer Unique Content

One of the key ranking factors for Google is to provide exclusive content. If you make content that generates the same value as that of your competitors, but with different words, why would Google rank you and not them in the first place?

Identify how your content can generate more value than theirs. Maybe it’s embedding a video inside the content, or who knows by making an infographic? Maybe it’s using survey data or studies done by your company.

After identifying the elements that you can use to make your article unique, it’s time to get your hands on the dough.

·         Show Google That Your Content is Quality

What is quality content in Google’s eyes? What are the factors that show the search engine, whether the content is good or bad?

All of the following metrics need to be closely monitored by you; these are the signs that will present to Google if your content is worthy of a prime position on the first page.

Note that the time that a person spends within the page of your site is one of the main ways the search engine interprets whether your content is good or not.

After all, if you enter a website with harmful content that does not grab your attention, you soon return to the results page and go after other content – better – to answer your question.

So on-call time shows Google whether people are reading your content and whether it’s attractive enough to keep them in there.