VPNs are no longer just about security. Although their original purpose was to provide a secure way to send data over the internet, they have grown into one of the most useful pieces of internet software available. 

  1. Unlock Blocked Content

Whether you are trying to watch local content while overseas or trying to watch overseas content from home, you may run into restrictions. Many people are switching to online streaming for all their series and movie needs. While watching online is very convenient, some content may not be available to you based on where you are geographically located – known as geo-blocking. To get around this you are going to need cyberghost vpn

The reason online streaming platforms do this is that they have to follow strict copyright laws. Some of the most well-known examples of this are Netflix, Amazon, Hulu, and BBC iPlayer. These companies cannot offer the same services across all countries, so if you want to access a certain movie/series that is available in another country you will need to change your online location.

By changing your location using a VPN, you will appear as if you are streaming from America or any other country worldwide. Now when you try and watch previously geo-blocked content, you will be able to access it with this simple trick. 

  1. Encrypt your Private Data

If you are using the internet to send private data you should consider getting a VPN. VPNs use state-of-the-art military-grade encryption to prevent anyone from seeing what you are doing online. All of your internet traffic is tunnelled through their networks and ensures that it remains hidden for external eyes. By using a VPN you can rest assured that your private data is secure at all times.

  1. Stress-free P2P File Sharing

P2P file sharing, including torrent services, are very popular for people who like to download movies, series, and other content that they may usually have to pay for. Although it is very convenient, you are breaking copyright laws by sharing pirated content online. Whenever you are participating in P2P sharing of copyright material your privacy is at risk. 

Although it is unlikely that you will be prosecuted for this, there are copyright infringement agencies that are constantly trying to track down illegal fire sharing by either contacting ISPs directly or by monitoring your online activity. Instead of taking the risk, by using a VPN your P2P file-sharing will remain encrypted.

  1. Prevent Internet Censoring

If you’re travelling to China or another country that has internet censoring in place, you will find yourself unable to connect to certain websites. The government prevents your access to these servers by monitoring IP addresses connecting to them from China. But by using a VPN to change your IP address, you can get around these blockages and ensure that you stay up to date with all your favourite online content, even while overseas.

  1. Cheaper hotel or flight rates

Depending on the country you are making a booking form, you may be paying more than you actually have to. Companies track your location through your IP address and are able to modify their prices. By using a VPN you can change your location around the world to see which country offers you the lowest prices, helping you save some money while still enjoying the same holiday experience.