How to attract new customers is one of the worries that are around the day to day of most companies. Sometimes we feel blocked trying to find complex alternatives. However, there are many actions within your reach that you can carry out.

Don’t Underestimate The Power Of Networks

Today, at the business level, few companies question whether it is worth having representation on social networks. Doubts begin when deciding which ones and in what way. To choose the right social networks, you must know your community and opt for those that allow you to capture real customers and also some online marketing services (รับ ทำการ ตลาด ออนไลน์ which is the term in Thai).

Sell Experiences

It’s not just about getting customers, but also about having them look for you. Look for formulas in which the user feels comfortable and where you contribute more than mere consumption: sell experiences. It is not a flight and a hotel; it is the trip of your life. It is not a shirt; it is the garment that gives you identity. It is not a simple shopping website; it is a platform that makes shopping online easier and more convenient.

A Satisfied Customer Is Your Best Ally

Your current customers are the ones that will make you get new in a more effective way. Customer service at this point is paramount. It gives sellers the necessary tools to make the treatment exquisite. The shopping experience must be pleasant, both in-store and on the web. A satisfied client will make you get new clients since his speech as a prescriber will have greater authority than advertising rhetoric. Make them talk about you, and talk well.

After-Sales Service, The Hidden Opportunity

Every company plays the “all for the whole” in the after-sales service or at the time of resolution of incidents. The way to face these specific moments is key to avoid that the client does not return more or, on the contrary, that he becomes a fervent defender of your business, even getting new users with his recommendations.