Just like the Checkthem.com software which has become the effective information tool for us where we can get any details regarding the unknown phone number, likewise, the tablet or Ipad is one of the most powerful entertainment tools and is also a favorite of parents and children. But, you should not forget a key element: it is important that these devices do not replace the functions of a babysitter. As it is essential to monitor the use of it at all times in children, especially when it comes to selecting the content to which the children will be exposed.

Reasons to integrate new technologies in the classroom

Integrating technology in the classroom in an effective way is posing a problem for many centres, which, due to lack of support or lack of means, fail to find an effective solution to reach a balance in the integration of new technologies with an appropriate educational project. With appropriate content and methodology, mobile phones, laptops or tablets help to educate students in a more dynamic and open way.

  • It encourages the integration of new forms of learning, open to adapt to a greater number of students, favouring individualized learning.
  • Ideal environment to work in a team, without limiting the physical presence of the work groups.
  • Using technology in the classroom allows teachers to educate students in the responsible use of devices outside a controlled environment, such as at home or outside.
  • Students are accustomed to using tablets, phones or computers practically since they were born both to play and to learn. Therefore, it is logical that they be included in the classroom as a learning tool.
  • The information that students receive is more up to date and can be adapted to the objectives set by the centre and teachers.
  • The role of the teacher is changed, and the students become protagonists of their own learning, allowing a gamification of the classroom that is proven to be ideal in an educational environment.
  • As they are expensive devices, it forces the student to be responsible with the work material.
  • There are few work environments where the use of new technologies is not essential.

Technology allows students to be more creative and more connected. The future of education is already here, and opportunities are being lost to reorient current education to the real world in which we live, and in which students will have to face their future.

Control the usage time

The fun is highly addictive for anyone and children are very vulnerable to it when a tablet or any other electronic device is in the middle. Therefore, the time allocated to their use is crucial so that it does not become the sole object of interest to them. Its use is recommended for short periods, a few minutes per day are ideal. Fortunately there are several companies developing Apps dedicated to promoting education. So the iPad turns out to be an excellent educational tool if used with a well-defined academic objective.