This Mac Studio is there to help. That is what you will find at the Apple-certified Mac Studio and are done by certified experts who only use genuine Mac parts. And only repairs at Apple-certified repairs are supported by Apple. There are options in how to get your repair done.

Send to Mac Studio

Start online or give them a call and they will arrange shipment for your product to the repair center at Mac Studio in Thailand — all on your schedule and without an appointment. This service is available for most Apple products. This is an authorized MacBook repair center [ศูนย์ซ่อม MacBook, which are the term in Thai].

Visit center

Your 2nd choice is to go to Mac Studio to get your product looked at and you can also get an estimate of the cost to repair. All repairs are done by certified technicians trained to give you the same quality of service that you would get in a repair center in the US. You can even meet with one of the technicians and they can explain the hardware repair that is needed.


If you have any questions about warranties on new and refurbished Mac hardware, this center will advise you on that information also.

Warranty Information

For those customers covered by protection regulation or laws in the country where purchase was made or their home country, the assistances conferred by Limited Warranty are additionally to all the remedies and rights taken by such consumer protection laws as well as regulations, including but not limited to those additional rights. These warranties are on both hardware and software and any repairs to both.

Product service and repair

You can go to an Apple website to learn much more about what is covered under warranty, costs for any repair outside of warranty, and more for your precise Mac product.