Many people are confused about what exactly a social media platform IS.

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Simply put, a social media platform includes:

  • Your website
  • Your blog
  • The marketing you do for your blog to drive people back to your website
  • Your Facebook account, both personal and business
  • Your Twitter account
  • Your LinkedIn account
  • Your Pinterest
  • Your Instagram
  • Your Goodreads account
  • Your Tumblr
  • Your Youtube account
  • Your Amazon Author Central account
  • And all your other social media accounts

There are three ways you connect with your social media marketing platform:

  • On your computer
  • Through your cell phone, iPad or other mobile device
  • In person

When you harness the power of your social media marketing platform, people find out about:

  • Your products
  • Your services
  • Your books
  • Your business

The point of the platform is to support what you want to do when you grow up, your dream, your vision for what you want to create.

To be effective, you have to get started.

In our previous FREE webinar, the 5 stages of change in social media, we talked about the psychological process you are likely to go through as you build your social media network.

You can start from nothing, but if you are unwilling to start it will be difficult to impossible to enjoy the kind of platform you want and need to be a success in today’s digital age.

Tune into your passion to create your social media marketing platform.

That passion you have is what will ignite other people and help you create a social network through multiple social media sites.

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