Significant Advances in Business Technology

There are many essential advances in business technology, almost every one are enabled by omnipresent broadband internet access, enhanced software development equipment and the flexibility and reliability of data centers.  

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Listed below are some of the technological advancements that had an important effect on how companies operate and how business users communicate with customers and prospects.

Business Management Applications

Through the CRM platform, Salesforce popularized the idea of multi-tenant, cloud-based business applications. Since the establishment of Salesforce in the late ‘90s, many business management categories have accepted suit, including marketing automation, human resource management, ERP, professional services automation and so on. Adding to that, if you are searching for online games, prefer this website

Email and Office Applications

For the majority of business, G Suite from Microsoft Office 365 and Google have deducted the requirement for an in-house email server and even for a desktop email customer – although almost every individual prefers using a desktop email client. While desktop documents, spreadsheets, and presentation slide applications are richer than their cloud counterparts, the latter is gradually improving. 

Integration Applications

Because of robust APIs and the absence of corporate firewalls, amalgamation among cloud-based applications can be just a click away with applications such as Zapier. This is the reasons why vendors like Scribe, Jitterbit, Informatica, and Mulesoft are seeing advanced enterprise adoption. 

Customer Feedback

Applications like Getsatisfaction and UserVoice have permitted software developers to improve the experience of end-user according to the customer’s need, but also on what customers say they need. Over time, these types of applications have also added customer self-service functionality.

Web Conferencing

The massive growth in the use of applications like and GoToMeeting has offered a greater number of customer support representatives and salespeople with a convenient way to visually engage with customers and prospects.

Mobile Apps

Mobile apps for business uses have multiplied. These days, business users can utilize mobile apps to access an update or view shared documents, CRM system, receive and make phone calls through their organization’s IP phone system, anticipate in web conferences and many more. 

So, these were some important things in business technology that need to be considered by every entrepreneur. 

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