You can learn how to bend time to succeed at social media.

We recently interviewed Tom Evans, temporal alchemist, podcaster, bookwright author of 13 books and highly successful social media personality. You can listen to our interview with Tom at this link.

One of the ways to be successful in life is to emulate people who are already rocking.

You can find out more about Tom Evans at this link.

Back in 2004, before Facebook, Tom started learning the basics of social media marketing.

He was taught to get to know people first and only THEN try to sell them something.

I came across Tom Evans through Twitter and approached him in a manner of co-creation. I offered to share his information with my tribe.

This approach appealed to Tom, who interviewed me on his podcast about my most recent Amazon No. 1 bestseller, Unlimited Intuition Now. 

You can listen to Tom’s interview with me at this link.

Tom pointed out that in England, like-minded people tend to hang out in pubs.

If you try another pub and don’t like it, you go back to where you feel you belong.

This is the same approach we can take in social media – finding our tribe and staying connected, rather than just banging on about sell, sell sell and turning off everybody, including people who might otherwise actually be our friends.

Tom learned how to meditate about 13 years ago.

Since then, he has published 13 books in 10 years.

His most recent book got started June 13 and was delivered June 30.

His fluency with meditation has allowed him to be able to bend time to his will, thereby giving him more time to write books, create his podcasts and succeed in social media.

He detailed his approach to time in his wonderful book, Managing Time Mindfully.

We can all learn a lot from Tom Evans about how to be more creative and productive at the same time while feeling less stressed.

If you feel like you haven’t had time to win the Game of Social Media, listen to our interview with Tom Evans and find out how to relax and succeed!