Nowadays many people want to build an online presence and have their own websites. The first step in this process involves choosing a web host service provider that suits your specific needs and budget. Understanding the different types of bitcoin hosting available today is crucial in this process as one might choose an incorrect service provider if they are not equipped with all the relevant information.

Since websites are created to serve a diverse list of needs there exist different types of web hosting that are better suited for individual requirements. The main types of web hosting include:

Shared web hosting

This type of hosting is provided by most hosting companies as shared web hosting simply involves hosting a website on a server that already has many other websites. This type of service is cheap to avail and will suit the needs of small businesses that do not expect too many viewers.

Dedicated hosting

This type of web hosting allocates complete servers for rent and is comparatively more expensive than the other types. This type is used by people who expect a lot of traffic on their website and possess the technical skills required to manage a website and server on their own.

VPS server

A VPS server stands for Virtual Private Servers. It is a service in which it appears that the client has been provided an individual server when in fact it actually serves many websites. This type of service can be availed by small websites that do not want to pay the high costs of having a dedicated server but want the flexibility provided by it.


In this type of web hosting an account owner can use their preexisting web space and bandwidth to host a website on behalf of a different person thus making the original account holder a “reseller” in this case.


Cloud hosting is a fairly recent type of hosting and it works across multiple interconnected web servers that provide affordable, liable and scalable web infrastructure. This type of service is being availed by many businesses nowadays as it’s an effective way to run a website that incorporates resource heavy applications.

Understanding the different types of web hosting is the first step in analyzing the kind of service you should avail as per your needs and requirements.