Top 5 fastest WordPress hosting providers

9 "Fastest" WordPress Hosting Providers Compared (Sep 2022)

Your WordPress site’s speed and functionality are significantly influenced by the web host you select. How do you choose a firm to utilize, though, with so many claiming to have the quickest WordPress hosting available?

It’s crucial to consider each plan’s pricing and features in addition to its performance. It might be time-consuming to try to investigate and compare them all, so we’ve already done a lot of the legwork to make your job simpler.

Based on actual performance tests that we conducted, we’ll examine seven of the fastest WordPress hosting companies in this piece. To assist you in making a decision, we’ll explore the plans provided by each provider, including their features and costs. Let’s get going!

Need for Fastest WordPress hosting providers

If you’ve done any online research on website speed or the fastest WordPress hosting, you’ve probably seen a lot of ominous statistics mentioned. Such statements as “every 1 second of speed equal to 1% reduced conversion rate” and others of a similar nature will be found.

There is no such proven no idea of how accurate these figures are or what testing techniques were employed, but I think we can all agree that speedier websites are preferable. There is just no debating the importance of speed—faster loading websites even rank higher in Google’s search results!

If you’ve done your due diligence on website performance or the fastest WordPress hosting, you know that every additional second of speed results in a 1% reduction in conversion rate. Even though this figure is arguable, we can all agree that a speedier website is always preferable. 

Speed is a need, and there is no disputing it. The search algorithm used by Google includes speed. Sites that load more quickly are consistently ranked higher!

For your visitors, website speed is an essential factor. But it is also a fundamental Google ranking element, and it is unusual for Google to disclose an SEO ranking factor so clearly. 

Therefore, you must be sure to select the fastest WordPress hosting company. The consequences could be severe if you don’t get it correctly. Smartrr has simplified the features and specifics of each host we suggest in this blog by breaking them down.

You can get thorough explanations of important features by scrolling down this page. It would be best if you considered these characteristics while determining which host is best for you. Spend some time looking into these features because basic ones like server location are frequently entirely overlooked when selecting the fastest WordPress hosting.

But it would be wise to quickly look at the top five fastest WordPress hosting sites before you start scrolling through the list. The overall ratings come from our survey of hundreds of WordPress hosting users, while the performance information for each of these websites comes from our exhaustive speed testing.

Five best and fastest WordPress hosting providers

Here are some best and fastest WordPress hosting suggestions for your reference as determined by our testing:

SiteGround: SiteGround is a WordPress host that is gaining popularity. SiteGround is one of the few providers endorsed by and provides a variety of managed WordPress plans that are perfect for people on a budget.

There are a good number of WordPress-specific features available from this supplier. This includes:

  • Automated updates
  • One-click installations
  • Free WordPress site transfers.

Additionally, SiteGround offers a WordPress SuperCacher. This function is unique to SiteGround and applies to cache for your WordPress website on many levels to promote quicker loading times.

DreamHost: DreamHost is a reputable host that provides shared, VPS, and managed WordPress hosting options at reasonable prices. Aside from being one of the cheapest yet fastest WordPress hosting providers, DreamHost also has a few noteworthy features that make it a good choice.

For instance, DreamHost’s managed WordPress plans provide a free subscription to Jetpack premium in addition to having WordPress pre-installed. Thanks to two web application firewalls specialized for WordPress (WAF), you’ll also gain from improved security.

Bluehost: Bluehost is a well-known and dependable fastest WordPress hosting company that provides cost-effective solutions. The plans offered by Bluehost provide a one-click WordPress installation in addition to being optimized for speed and performance.

Bluehost provides 24/7 live chat with quite a quick customer service. Additionally, it makes use of reliable hardware and streamlines the scaling process.

GreenGeeks: GreenGeeks is a hosting platform that takes pleasure in offering a quick, safe, and environmentally friendly fastest WordPress hosting solution. Their plans claim that.

Unlimited data transfer, unlimited storage, a free SSL certificate, a free domain name for the first year, nightly backups, a free CDN, and limitless email addresses are all included.

Moreover, if the name didn’t give it away, GreenGeeks commits to using 300% green energy across all plans to support the environment.

Namecheap: This company offers more than just cheap and fastest WordPress hosting. The WordPress website is powered by its cloud technology when using EasyWP. It provides consumers with the ability to “set and forget.” This one-of-a-kind architecture is built to enable smooth growth and self-sustainability for every website.

WordPress gives users the ability to create anything they desire. Users can write, modify, and publish their material using its user-friendly interface. With its many themes and plugins, you can build a stunning website as quickly as possible. You may upload and use unique themes on Namecheap.

Final Words

You can host your website for free using a variety of providers. However, they have limitations on performance, drawbacks, and advertisements on your website (which you have no control over). We strongly advise against using these services if your goal is to increase visitors and truly make money from your website.

And Smartrr is all you need if you’re looking for the most significant marketplace to buy the fastest WordPress hosting solutions. Smartrr is renowned for offering high-quality products, fantastic customer service, and various quickest hosting companies!

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