Social networking supporters could be unpredictable, therefore it is pretty normal for the follower count to fluctuate every day. Losing two each morning but picking one in the mid-day is certainly not to create home about. But realizing your accounts losing a lot of supporters is.

If you notice an extreme dip in the amount of people selecting for connecting together with your accounts, it might be the information you are supplying that’s pushing them away. Here are five common social networking problems that make supporters flee.

Use an Emoji to Liven Up your Posts and Messages

Emojis are a pretty awesome way to add life to your dry posts. Instead of just sending plain text messages or adding boring captions to your posts make sure to throw in some emojis to make things more colorful and lively! For example, you are chilling in an awesome pool from an expensive resort. Instead of just putting in some dramatic captions why don’t you add a cool emoji to convey how chill and laid back you are from your vacation. That would be sure to improve reactions and comments.


My own mail to follow along with a company that’s constantly tooting its very own horn, and taking advantage of your social networking to shamelessly promote yourself will forfeit supporters in a rush. Obviously, your supporters will happily celebrate your successes, but it gets better they need-they like tips, news, and knowledge.

A great guideline would be to publish content that’s aimed toward your supporters 80% of times and content that’s nearly your company 20% of times.

Ctrl C/Ctrl V

You need to communicate with other users on Twitter and facebook, which certainly means discussing and retweeting relevant stuff that your peers or customers publish. However if you simply never publish any content of your, your supporters will begin to think you’ve got nothing to provide them but recycled photos along with other people’s opinions-that’s not good.

People follow companies on social networking for information, updates, or simply because they such as the brand personality. None of this comes through whenever you simply “share” the other people publish. Try to strike an account balance between original posts and shares which will convince supporters you bring something towards the party.

No offense, but…

It’s not hard to fall under counting on jokes and memes. And if you’re able to begin using these properly for connecting together with your audience, more capacity to you. However, trying way too hard to make use of humor or make topical statements can backfire greatly.

You need to enable your company’s personality come through inside your social networking, but when you are ever worried that the publish may be offensive for your supporters, err along the side of caution and publish different things.