An email verifier can be defined as a service that verifies a user’s email lists for fraudulent or invalid email addresses. It is a useful marketing instrument that is utilized mostly by marketers to maintain an excellent delivery performance and attract more consumers.

Why do we require an email verifier?

The reasons for which we require an email verifier are as mentioned below:

  • Individuals may switch email providers – 

There are various email service providers, such as Gmail, Yahoo, etc. And each of these service providers offers different features, layouts, and regulations. Individuals may also look for any of the email service providers for their convenience, and as a result, their email ID will change. 

The previous mail address on which they used to receive emails from a company no longer applies to their new mail account. No one will be able to determine whether a person has switched their email service provider until they validate their email address.

  • People can switch jobs – 

Since many individuals switch jobs, this is a common problem in the Business to Business sector. Once employees begin working for another organization, they usually discard their previous work-related email account and replace it with a new account. 

  • Individuals may possess two separate email accounts with an email service provider –

Several individuals have an email account that is solely used for personal and recreational stuff, and they do not use this email account for professional or official purposes. Sometimes, the personal email address is too inappropriate to be used for official work. So, in such scenarios, an individual may have two separate email accounts with a single email service provider.

  • The domain may have expired – 

A domain URL is the component of our email address that comes just after the “@” character. Individuals prefer the best email service providers for interpersonal interaction, and most email addresses begin in domain addresses such as,,, etc. 

Rather than using personal domain addresses, entrepreneurs and executives utilize professional domain addresses. So, if the company gets dissolved as well as the domain breaks down, the users would not be able to access their mail accounts anymore.

In what process an email verifier works?

The steps to utilize a mail verification application, one must follow the three basic steps, and thus the application shall sort out the rest:

  • Enter the entire email address collection
  • Verify the information of each email address 
  • The collection of existing email addresses can be then exported

What must be taken into consideration while selecting an appropriate email verifier?

The things that should be taken under consideration before selecting an appropriate email verifier are as follows:

  • Validation Checking – 

According to your goals and your budget, a simple and best email verifier will enable users to run URL, syntax, and MX checking.

  • Flexible to use – 

You must use a flexible email verifier that can verify all email addresses individually or in the group. Both private and professional email addresses must be processed by the service provider.